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Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning during corona demands more effective solutions, but repeated disinfection with several different cleaning products requires a lot of resources from the company.

AirCide Clear is the most affordable and effective solution for professional needs and use, because it combines the effects of three different cleaning products. Fully biological AirCide Clear cleans, disinfect and protects.

AirCide Clear disinfect viruses and bacteria 100% and also cleans stains from the treated sufrace replacing traditional cleaning products. In addition AirCide Clear forms a long lasting protective coating that destroys viruses and bacteria and lasts at least 1000 times touched.

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Enhances cleaning

AirCide enhances your cost effectiveness. 3-in-1 product reduces costs in materials and time. 

Benefits for the customer

1. Less working time for cleaning

AirCide Clear combines 3 impressive powers into one product. Cleaning, disinfection and surface protection all take place simultaneously.


2. 66% less variety of substances

When AirCide Clear combines 3 different products, the range can be reduced and clarified.


3. 50% smaller inventory

There is usually a huge amount of valuable but low-use products in stock. With AirCide Clear, products can be pruned while saving costs.


4. 50% less sick leave

On average, an employee falls ill 11 days / year. Most absences are due to sick leave caused by viruses and bacteria. When the contact surfaces are protected, diseases cannot spread and costly sick leave is reduced.


5. Lower chemical load and better safety

The people responsible for cleaning and sanitation are constantly exposed to various synthetic cleaning agents. AirCide Clear is a completely biological substance, thus significantly reducing chemical load and exposure to hazardous substances.


6. Increase turnover

Customers are concerned about their safety and services are used less. By communicating about responsible operations and environmental safety, customer numbers and turnover increase. Download free materials on responsibility communication HERE!

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