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AirCide Clear

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1. Spray thin layer of AirCide Clear on the surface to be treated from about 25 cm away. If you don't want to treat other surfaces nearby

AirCide Clear can be sparyed into a damp cloth that can then be used to wipe the intented surface.

2. After sprayig, wipe the surface entirely with a damp microfiber cloth.

3. Cleaning cloth will accumulate dirt so be sure to change it with a clean one often enough.

AirCide Regular

1. Spray to the treated material from 30cm away until the surface is damp. When treating masks and gloves spray AirCide regular to the outside surface.

2. Leave to dry for 15 minutes.

3. When the treated object has dried and there is no odor, the object is ready for use.

AirCide Regular enables the reuse of disposable masks. Disposable and cloth mask can be treated 2 times before disposing or washing. Make sure to wash your cloth mask after applying AirCide Regular two times. Same instructions are applicable for cotton gloves and such items.

Don't spray your mask with AirCide Regular when the mask is on your face. AirCide Regular has been tested with several different filters in a ISO -certified Eurofins laboratory and it won't change the airflow or filtration capabilities of the filter. The product is not suitable to use on protective items using static charge.

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