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Fully bio-based AirCide Regular -products disinfect the treated material by destroying viruses and bacteria. AirCide Regular has been proven to destroy coronaviruses.

AirCide Regular -products have been designed for face and breathing masks, different fabrics and all other porous surfaces that want to be antimicrobially treated. AirCide Regular -products make it possible to reuse disposable masks due to the disinfecting effect.


AirCide Regular -products form a long lasting protective coating against coronaviruses so that different materials, face masks for example stay cleaner for longer.

Protects from viruses and bacteria

AirCide Regular -products keep face masks clean for longer and make it possible to reuse disposable face masks.


When AirCide Regular is sprayed on the mask it's long lasting protection against coronaviruses is activated immediately so the mask stays cleaner for longer.

Due to the disinfecting effect of AirCide regular masks can be reused if it is treated with AirCide Regular -product between uses.

AirCide Regular can be used for example on:

  • disposable face masks

  • cloth face masks

  • breathing masks

  • cloth gloves

  • different cloths, fabrics and materials


With AirCide Regular you get the upsides of a copper mask cost effectively with one spray.

Proven to be effective

AirCide's active ingredients have been researched in University of Jyväskylä's Department of Biological and Environmental Science and in an accredited Eurofins laboratory in Espoo.

AirCide is certified according to EN 13624, EN 13697, EN 13727 and EN 14476 mukaan.

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