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Studies have been carried out on AirCide's active ingredients at University of Jyväskylä's Department of Biological and Environmental Science among others. The studies looked at how quickly and at what concentrations AirCide works against the coronavirus.


The effect of AirCide on the filtration capacity of filter materials, such as respirators, has been tested in an accredited Eurofins laboratory in Espoo.

The products have EN 13624, EN 13697, EN 13727 and EN 14476  -standards.

Proven to be effective

AirCide is a breakthrough for Finnish researchers. AirCide has been shown to be effective against viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses.


Want to know more? Download a summary of AirCide research results, a report on EN standards and a guide to different respirators here for free. Enter your email address and we will send the materials to your email.


Our surfaces are protected by AIRCIDE

Communicate visibly about safety

Communicate effectively to your customers that it is safe to do business in your company!

Customers are concerned about their safety and services are used less. By communicating about responsible operations and environmental safety, customer numbers and turnover increase. 

Download our free digital material on responsibility communication below!

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