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Hospital Hall

Fully biological AirCide Clear: clean, disinfect and protect. AirCide clear will disinfect viruses and bacteria 100% and forms a protective coating that destroys viruses and bacteria that lasts at least 1000 times touched. 

Applicable use cases​

  • Visors and protective goggles

  • Bathrooms

  • All surfaces for example door handles, handrailings, tables and counters etc.

Approved for use in healthcare

Products have EN 13624, EN 13697, EN 13727 and EN 14476 -standards which means that products have been researched and approved for use in healthcare.


For clear and hard surfaces


AirCide Clear cleans, disinfect and provides long lasting protection. The disinfecting coating lasts for at least 1000 times touched.


For face masks, filters and fabrics

AirCide Regular keeps face masks clean for longer and makes it possible to reuse disposable masks.

Aircide-20140101-00014 (1).jpg

1. The most effective passive surface virus protection. Also protects between treatments.


2. Reduces material and labor costs. AirCide Clear combines 3 impressive powers into one product. Cleaning, disinfection and surface protection all take place simultaneously.


3. 50% less sick leave. On average, an employee falls ill 11 days / year. Most absences are due to sick leave caused by viruses and bacteria. When the contact surfaces are protected, diseases cannot spread and costly sick leave is reduced


4. Lower chemical load. The people responsible for cleaning and sanitation are constantly exposed to various synthetic cleaning agents. AirCide Clear is a completely biological substance, thus significantly reducing chemical load and exposure to hazardous substances.

5. AirCide is certified to EN 13624, EN 13697, EN 13727 and EN 14476, making it approved for the healthcare environment.

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