AirCide Clear puhdistaa, desinfioi ja suojaa

We all have surfaces at home and work, and in cars, which are continuously touched but practically impossible to wipe clean after each contact.

Once surfaces have been treated with AirCide Clear, you don’t have to wipe them every time they are touched. The product provides instant and durable protection against the coronavirus and other microbes, keeping surfaces hygienic for longer.

AirCide Regular desinfioi ja puhdistaa kasvomaskit

We have to move around in crowds almost daily, for example in grocery stores and on public transport. Studies show that coronaviruses spread easily in precisely these types of conditions. Face masks are a highly effective solution for preventing the spread of viruses, but will there be enough masks for us all and can we all afford to use them on a daily basis?


AirCide Regular forms a disinfecting protective coating on masks, keeping them cleaner for longer.

Based on our recommendations, masks can be treated twice with our product, doubling their usable life. Handy, easy and cost-effective!


AirCide Regular is suitable for the disinfection of disposable and fabric protective equipment. The product is suitable for almost all filter materials made of artificial and natural fibers. Reusable protective masks should be washed daily along with your other laundry. 



Disinfect viruses and bacteria

100 percent

Tuotteilla on  EN 13624, EN 13697 ja EN 13727 


Cleansing feature

Replaces traditional cleaners

The effect of the protective coating lasts

2 weeks

Crazy Town ensures that we feel safe and are able to work. We have stepped up our cleaning routine, paying particular attention to contact surfaces. This began in the spring and is still ongoing.


We are testing the AirCide Clear product here in Jyväskylä. We have found the product highly useful alongside regular cleaning. We follow the recommendations issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, and have stepped up our cleaning routine since the spring.


- Silja Rehunen

Community Manager

"Olemme erittäin tyytyväisiä tuotteeseen. Tuote on helppo käyttää ja puhtaana pitävä kalvo on käytännöllinen ja aikaa säästävä! Aiomme käyttää sitä itse jatkossakin ja suosittelemme ehdottamasti tuotetta myös muille."

– Timo Nuutinen

Erimover Oy Ab

"Aiomme käyttää AirCide-tuotteita myös jatkossa, ja suosittelemme niiden käyttöä myös muille, jos näin onnistumme vähentämään mahdollisia koronatartuntoja."


- Tanja Rautanen